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HABC Level 2 Award in Managing Fire Safety

The Level 2 Award in Managing Fire Safety is a qualification aimed at anyone involved in the management of fire safety in any workplace. This includes managers, supervisors, team leaders, fire wardens (marshals) and staff working in any area where there is a potential risk of fire.

Persons gaining this qualification will know that fire safety is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace and will recognise the consequences of a fire in any premises.

The qualification is firmly based on fire safety knowledge set which is likely to form part of the curriculum theme for QCF Level 2 National Occupational Standards.

The qualification can be taken as a free standing qualification or as part of a wider programme of training. Its syllabus areas are designed to enable all candidates to contribute into the fire safety procedures in the workplace.

Recommendation of Prior Learning

There are no prerequisites for this qualification.

Guided Learning Hours

The guided learning hours for this qualification are 6-9 hours depending on the mode of study and training needs of candidates.

Qualification Structure

This qualification is assessed by a 30 question multiple-choice examination.

Successful candidates must achieve a score of at least 20 out of 30.

The examination paper is set and marked by HABC. The duration of the examination is 1 hour.

For further information regarding this course please call 07740872227 or email us.

Course Dates