Commercial Hot Tub Operators Certificate

The Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy’s COMMERCIAL HOT TUB OPERATORS CERTIFICATE, is based upon ‘Pool Water Treatment & Quality Standards’ (the PWTAG handbook) and complies with their hot tub water quality standards, and is in accordance with the provisions of BS-EN17125 Domestic Spas and Hot Tubs.

Section 1: Legislation about Hot Tub Operations
Section 2: Water Sources; Pollution; Prevention and Removal
• Cleaning protocols
• Infection control
Section 3: Hot Tub Construction and Water Circulation Systems
Section 4: The Process of Filtration
• Cartridge filters
• Sand filters
Section 5: Chemical Treatments
• pH control methods
• The Use of Chlorinated Iso-Cyanurates
• The Use of BCDMH
• The Use of Hypochlorites
Section 6: Water Test Standards and Frequencies
Section 7: Chemical Dosing Equipment