Hydrotherapy Pool Operators Certificate

The Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy’s HYDROTHERAPY POOL OPERATORS CERTIFICATE, is based upon “Swimming Pool Water Treatment & Quality Standards” (the PWTAG handbook) and complies with particular reference to the hydrotherapy pool operations and water quality recommendations, within that standard”.

Section 1: Introductions and Definitions
Section 2: Legislation about Hydrotherapy Pool Operations
Section 3: Water Sources; Pollution; Prevention and Removal
Section 4: Water Circulation Systems
Section 5: The Process of Filtration
• Sand filters
• Backwashing protocols
Section 6: Chemical Treatments
• The Use of Hypochlorites
• The Use of Ultra Violet Light
• The Use of Chlorinated Iso-Cyanurates
Section 7: Water Test Standards and Frequencies
Section 8: Chemical Dosing Equipment
Section 9: Pool Accessories

The Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy is a training provider accredited by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group