To ensure compliance with COSHH Regs, lead body guidance and British Standards, all pools and spas accessible by your employees and the public should be microbiologically tested on a regular basis.

The guidance states:

Conventional swimming pools should be tested monthly.

Hydrotherapy pools weekly.

Spas, hot tubs, monthly plus a test for Legionella every third month.

Leisure Safety Training Limited will arrange the supply of sterile sample bottles and written instructions for taking samples.

Once you have taken the sample just make one call and the sample will be collected from your workplace or we can take the sample on your behalf if required.

All tests carried out at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

You will be notified immediately of any negative results, Leisure Safety Training Limited will then advise you of any measures that you need to implement.

Included in this offer is a free CD with model Risk and COSHH Assessments, NOPs and EAPs, etc.

You will also receive help from Leisure Safety Training Limited for any pool, hot tub or spa pool related issues.

For further information about this service please ring 07740872227 or email