The STA Award in Pool Plant Operations aims to enable candidates to manage and maintain swimming pool, spa and interactive play feature operation via receiving the training necessary to reflect the most up-to-date requirements and standards for pool plant operation.
Course Information
The STA Award in Pool Plant Operations covers:

  • The industry lead bodies and their recommendations and guidelines
  • Pollution and its removal, the threat of disease such as legionnaires and how they are controlled
  • Principles of circulation and filtration and the requirements for regular maintenance
  • How the physical characteristics of a swimming pool can be hazardous
  • Swimming pool ventilation and heating systems
  • The principles of water treatment, including pH, water balance and water testing
  • Microbiological testing
  • Analysis and interpretation of readings leading to corrective action
  • Methods for recording results and maintaining records
  • Understanding the different types of residual and non-residual disinfectants and their use in water treatment
  • Developing an understanding and awareness of current industry best practice, guidance and recommendations
  • Principles of Health and Safety and the relevant Statutes
  • Developing an understanding of the environmental implications of operating and managing swimming pools, spas and associated plant
  • Energy and cost efficiency.


The assessment criteria are as follows:

  • Satisfactorily complete a pre-course worksheet assignment
  • Satisfactorily complete the course manual
  • Complete a 25 question multiple-choice paper with a pass mark of 18
  • Undertake practical water testing, analysis and interpretation
  • Complete a post-course assessment sheet and return to course tutor.


This qualification requires revalidation every 5 years to update knowledge and demonstrate

understanding. Candidates can revalidate either by undertaking the STA Pool Plant Revalidation

Programme (available online at or by attending a one-day revalidation seminar.

Course Costs: £300 + VAT per person

To Book a course please ring: 07740872227 or email: